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Working on a Hollywood Filmset in NL

Foto credit: AD Newspaper

YES! I was asked to be the Stand-In of a Hollywood Actress on a Hollywood World War II filmset in the Netherlands. They needed a Stand-In for the leading actress: Vicky Krieps (she just played the leading role opposite Daniel Day Lewis in the film 'Phantom Thread'.) Apparently I had the same sizes, length, hair colour etc as her. So I was cast to spend two weeks on a Hollywood Filmset! It was so exciting!! Yesterday was the first shooting day; and I got to be right were the action is. So grateful for this opportunity!

I got to network with the cast and crew and watch the DOP (cameraman) make all the shots, from up close. And I got to watch the director Dan Friedkin talk to the actors and giving us as Stand-In directions. It was such a great learning curve to experience what the difference is between a Dutch Filmset and an American/British Filmset. Now I know all the terms they use. How the hierarchy works. And how to behave myself professionally in such an environment. I feel like I'm more ready than before to act out the next big role myself!

The working title of the film is: 'Lyrebird', and it's a period piece - they are now filming the last part of it in London. If I have news about when it comes out, I will let you know.

If you're wandering what a Stand-In does; you can read it in this article. Click here.

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