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'We Run' in Pre-Production

It's time! Time for the story of 'We Run' to unfold. I was lucky to find a scenario writer last month to co-write the last pieces of the story with, to make the storyline complete. Her name is Nathalie Scheenstra. And she's both an art historian as well as a scenario writer. The perfect combination to create a dystopian world together with. She already gained experience on the Hollywood film production of 'Redbad'. And she has this beautiful sense of realism combined with romanticism. Just what I was looking for. A co-creation match made in heaven.

'Leave the confines of your conventional cave and enter the space where your heart longs to reside. The place you will discover when instinct is your guide.' - T.D. Jakes

So, as we speak, we are rewriting and tweaking some scenes to make the story stronger, before we pitch it to Film Production Companies. I already found some investors who are willing to contribute to this film production, now it's just a matter of finding the right match, film production wise.

Next week we'll have a props and wardrobe design meeting. Where we will colour in the world of 'We Run' with weapons, dresses and props that fit in this dystopian era. I also found a female Bushcraft expert that will help us make the survival scenes look real and authentic.

I can't wait for the shooting days to begin! But first things first: I'm training myself for the role of Iris. She can shoot with bow and arrow, fight like a warrior and climb rocks/mountains. So my aim for the coming months is to get fierce and fabulous to be able to play this role convincingly.

And the good news I recieved this week, is that we can borrow 30 swords for a mini-army that you will meet in the film. Aaaaa! So exciting!

Ok, I will keep you updated on the production process, without spoiling much any further ;)

Keep an eye out on my website!

From Utrecht, with love,


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