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'Annette' now in cinemas and on Amazon Prime

The Musical Film Annette in which I played the role of 'Leading Singer" is now in the cinemas and watchable via Amazon Prime. Leos Carax is known for his artsy art house films. So be prepared that it's not your usual blockbuster movie. Carax's films ask more of an artistic lens from the audience.. When I watched it, I had to get used to his specific style of film making; the pace of the scenes feels a bit slower than your usual film. And the music is way different from other Musical Films I've watched before (Rock music from the band 'Sparks' combined with opera). It takes more patience to watch it, and leaves you thinking in metaphors. The cinematography is very beautifully done, though. If you don't shy away from artsy art house films, then definitely go watch Annette!


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