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Cast in BBC Series 'Theodosia'

I was waiting for the official press release of Theodosia Season 2, before I could shout it from the rooftops that I'm in it! This was the big news from 2023 that I was waiting to share with you!

I play a recurring supporting role in 16 episodes of the second season. You can watch Season one on HBO Max already. The television series will be shown in more than 12 countries including Britain (the BBC), Germany (ZDF), The Netherlands (NPO) etc etc. I'll keep you posted when and where it will be aired. Read more below.

This Summer I spend 1,5 month in Brussels, Belgium, acting on the filmset of Theodosia Season 2, I was cast in the role of Lieutenant Sister of the Magical Sisterhood. I'm not allowed to spill anything about the storyline unfortunately. But it was a true adventure filming there, where my acting, stage fighting and stunt skills where being put to the test.

The set decoration was really beautiful too: they rebuilt London like it was in 1906. And they gave me a beautiful costume from that era. I love it when you get to dress up like that and step into another world and another time.

We filmed most of the scenes inside the studios but a part luckily also outside in the forest and other beautiful ancient locations. I always love it when you get to film under the real sun too on real life locations!

For me this was my first BBC production and it was truly a delight to work with Eloise Little, who plays Theodosia. She was the most humble, down to earth and sincere person I met on set. Together with Rick Young, an experienced actor who played the father of Theodosia. I learned a lot from just watching the older actors at work. And another highlight was to work with the British director Alex Jakob. Who always made me laugh in between takes, knew everyone personally by name on set, and was open to suggestions from the actors. That truly felt like a collaboration I loved! He also gave me more lines spontaneously, which is the dream of every actor! Can't wait to see the end result on the big screen.

Here's a link to the ZDF page where you can read the overview of what happens in Season 2.

I'll keep you posted as soon as I know the date and time when you can watch it.


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