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Scenario wrap on Bali

The last month I spend on the island of Bali, to finish writing the filmscenario of "We Run" the television series. After more than two years of writing with my team in the Netherlands, it was time to finish the last pages. A total of 12 episodes. Spoiler alert: there are a lot of waterfalls in the script so Bali was the perfect place to find that much needed inspiration. We finally typed: "The End".

Now we're off to pitch it to production companies. Stay tuned for more of that in my next news letters/blog posts.




A life lesson I learned in Bali is that most things in life go different than expected. But just like the strong rip current I got to experience in through my surf lessons and snorkel trips, when the ocean pulls you into a certain direction; you cannot fight it. Just go with the flow, or wait for the right tide (timing) to bring you to your destination. Let the rip tide work in your advantage, so you will have to peddle less. And the current will bring you to places you wouldn't have discovered on your own.

A great metaphor for life, isn't it?

I translated that into: When one door closes, go with it, and see which door opens next, instead of trying to fight it, that the first door didn't open.

I hope this summer finds you well. We have more freedom to travel again, which is such an inspiration for me as an artist. New places to discover, new people to meet, new food to taste for the first time in your life. New languages to listen to. New vistas to marvel at. Like the jungle and waterfalls of Bali. May your summer be free and full of new inspiring moments.

From a cafe somewhere on the globe, with love,

Dieuwke de Mooij


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