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Art in times of crisis

Van Gogh - 1889, Saint-Remy, France - History has it that Van Gogh painted 'Starry Night' while being confined in a mental hospital to recover from mental illness, and that the landscape in the painting is the view Van Gogh had from his window.

"I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day." - Vincent van Gogh

In this time of crisis I was reminded, that the darkness of the night can sometimes be a good thing. It can be a place of being hidden in the shadows in order for you to heal, restore and be renewed. To be kept safe in the cleft of a rock, out of the harsh wind or burning sun. Although I do grieve with those that are going through a lot of hardship right now. May art help to express the inexpressible. May it help us release the tension of the drama we see around us, or might even experience for ourselves. Art reaches straight to the heart, and shows us a mirror, helps us to look inside of ourselves, and move forward with renewed hope and insight. That is, if you choose which art to let in ofcourse ;) #coronacrisis #artthatheals #artintimesofcrisis

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