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'We Dance', 'We War', 'We Love' - Hoe het allemaal begon..

M'n drie Short Films zijn af: 'We Dance', 'We War', 'We Love'. 'We Run' komt er nog aan in de toekomst. Ik heb de drie films zojuist naar verschillende filmfestivals gestuurd en blijf dat de komende maanden nog doen. Een van de brieven die ik moest toevoegen aan m'n films was onderstaande brief. De meeste filmfestivals vragen om een Engels inschrijvingspakket, vandaar de brief in het Engels. Over hoe het allemaal begon...

Regina Spektor – The Call.

It started out as a feeling

Which then grew into a hope

Which then turned into a quiet thought

Which then turned into a quiet word

And then that word grew louder and louder

'Til it was a battle cry

It started out as a small idea that I got from an actress in London, who told me she had produced her own Showreel. Which then grew into a hope: could I do the same and gather excellent film professionals to make it look like films worthy of cinema? Which then turned into a quiet question if those filmmakers would want to do that Pro Deo? And then the question grew louder and louder, until my little 'Showreel idea' turned into producing four Short Films worthy of cinema, made by a crew of twenty Film Professionals.

The purpose of it all was showing the world what my qualities as an actress are. What roles suit me, and which emotions I can show. But along the way 'my baby' became, 'our baby'. And I realised inside of me was a filmmaker all along, eager to express all these emotions and stories that are in my heart.

Beside being an actress I used to work as a producer for television and as an event manager. So I had some experience organizing big events and planning film shoots. But I could never have dreamed this project would become so big! All these film professionals that wanted to work for/with me for free. When I look back I'm still amazed.

For example: I met an excellent DOP and director from Germany spontaneously in the train and they offered to come over al the way from Nurnberg to Amsterdam to work for me for free. Then my hairdresser, who also works as a hair stylist on fashion shows in Paris for Dior and Stella McCartney wanted to help me too and became my hair and wardrobe stylist. Then one of my Camera Assistents asked his boss to rent me out the RED Dragon Camera with a 75% discount. Than I met a gaffer in the cinema who studied lighting at the Dutch Film Academy. I could tell you story after story. It was like as soon as I expressed my dream out loud, all these spontaneous encounters happened and I got so much help from the most unexpected places and people. People who believed in my dream and made it their own.

I could also share with you the hardships of people falling away, actors and directors quitting on me. But luckily every time someone fell away, someone even more qualified came in their place. I can only conclude that I am enormously grateful and amazed. In looking back to a year ago and how these films came to see the light.

Like Steven Spielberg said: “Filmmaking is all about appreciating the talents of the people you surround yourself with and knowing you could never have made any of these films by yourself.”


Dieuwke de Mooij



We Dance - 5:38 min. - GENRE: experimental/drama

Two ex-lovers meet each other unexpectedly at a party. The hurt and tension are still tangible in the room. Will they unite again or will they let go of each other forever? A Modern Dance film in the style of Pina Bausch where acting and dancing merge.

We War - 4.23 min. GENRE: War/Drama/Romance

Sarah, a spirited young lady who works as a spy for the Dutch Resistance during World War II, scarcely manages to escape from a prison camp. When she arrives home, she is forced to choose between duty and love.

We Love - 8:06 min. GENRE: Drama

A contemporary married couple get stuck in an elevator where no one comes to their aid. A metaphor for how stuck they are in their relationship. A non lineair sensory experience that takes you on an emotional journey as they are trying to escape.

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