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Pitching 'We Run' at Cannes Festival

Just flew back from Cannes in France, where I pitched the television series script of 'We Run' to producers. We wrote the tv series screenplay with a writersroom in the Netherlands and I travelled as the Showrunner to Cannes solo, to pitch it there. It went really well. Got lots of great advice on how to proceed further. And the people who watched my pitch said they wanted to watch the series. That made me really happy! I got some follow up information to find that high end producer that we need since the series is as big as "The Witcher", LOTR series or The Hunger Games. Both at the Galway Film Festival as well as in Cannes everyone agreed we need a high end producer who has experience with this large scale of producing. So that's who we are talking to now. If you happen to know an Executive Producer or Head of Development who has experience with this, please forward this to them.

Introducing the World of 'We Run':

"We Run" is an original, 12-episode fantasy series where the mystical world of "Lord of the Rings" meets the raw human spirit of "Into the Wild." This series redefines the fantasy genre, starring a female lead and offering an innovative narrative enriched with deep character arcs, romance and introspective drama.

We Run' stands out with its deep dive into character development and existential themes. Unlike typical fantasy series centered on action and conflict, our show explores the intense emotional dynamics between Iris and her love interest, Greg. Through Iris's eyes we travel through the wild lands. We witness her personal struggles during her quest and her undercover army training. Set against a backdrop of lush green landscapes and dramatic waterfalls, her journey is not just a physical quest but a profound search for truth, love and finding your destiny.

Written by an original English Writersroom in The Netherlands, the world of "We Run" is adventurous, romantic and epic and is poised to captivate a global audience.

Logline "We Run"

In a mystical pre-history of earth, a young woman is sent into the forbidden wilds on a mission for a long-lost King. There she finds herself torn between obeying orders and following her intuition.


It was quite the adventure to travel there solo and venture off into all kind of business meetings. Couldn’t have done it without the support of friends and family at home. Thanks to everyone who send me words of encouragement.

And now the journey continues... when I have more news you'll here it here on my website or through my newsletter.

“Don’t adventures ever have an end? I suppose not. Someone else always has to carry on the story” - Tolkien


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