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Film Festival selecties voor m'n films!

Het is altijd goed om het nieuwe jaar te starten met een terugblik. Hier alle filmfestival selecties op een rijtje voor m'n 3 Short Films: 'We Dance', 'We War' & 'We Love'.

Klik hier om de films te bekijken op Vimeo on Demand.

Short Film: 'We Love'


A contemporary married couple get stuck in an elevator where no one comes to their aid. A metaphor for how stuck they are in their relationship. A non lineair sensory experience that takes you on an emotional journey as they are trying to escape. Selected and screened by film festivals:

  • ShortCutz Amsterdam Film Festival, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

  • Westbeach OpenAir Filmfestival, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Short Film: 'We War'


Sarah, a spirited young lady who works as a spy for the Dutch Resistance during World War II, scarcely manages to escape from a prison camp. When she arrives home, she is forced to choose between duty and love. Director on set: Sophie van de Pol. Selected by several film festivals:

  • APAFF Filmfestival, Washington D.C, USA

  • Shortcutz Filmfestival, Amsterdam, the Netherlands,

  • Westbeach OpenAir Filmfestival, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Short Film: 'We Dance”


Two ex-lovers meet each other unexpectedly at a party. The hurt and tension are still tangible in the room. Will they unite again or will they let go of each other forever? A Modern Dance film in the style of Pina Bausch where acting and dancing merge. Co-director on set: Benjamin Hoschmann (BSHFilms). Selected by several film festivals:

  • Shortcutz Filmfestival, Amsterdam

  • Westbeach OpenAir Filmfestival, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

  • Louis Hartlooper Cinema Open Doek – selection for new upcoming talent, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

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