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'We Run' pitchen

The latest news for 'We Run' is that we will produce it as a television series of 6-8 episodes. We finished the script of two full episodes, are editing a teaser trailer right now, ready to pitch it to investors. I met some amazing producers in Berlin, to produce 'We Run' with.

The script is finished, the Pitch Documents ready, the teaser is being edited as we speak. I can't wait to tell you more. For now.. here's a little teaser:


In a mystical world, a young woman is sent into the forbidden wilds on a mission for a long lost King. Where she finds herself torn between following orders, or following her intuition.

Title: 'We Run'

“But so often WE RUN and avoid stillness and standing because we are afraid that if we slow down the truth might catch us. The bad news is that we can’t outrun hurt and struggle. The good news is that we can’t outrun grace either” - Brene Brown

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