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NETFLIX role: 'Voices of Liberation'

Two months ago I was cast in the Netflix Series 'Voices of Liberation' from the Belgian director Koen Mortier, produced by Czar Film. With actors Thomas Brodie-Sangster (GOT, The Queen's Gambit), Christian Berkel (Inglorious Bastards), Bart Peters (Belgian actor/presenter) a.o.

I got to play Adriana Cornelis-Luteijn, who really lived during WOII. She was a resistance fighter during World War II, who kept a diary of everything that happened in the war. I read pieces from her diary and from a few other female resistance fighters who lived around that time. We filmed the scenes in a beautiful idyllic old castle in Belgium. It was a delight to work with Koen Mortier and his wonderful crew. A great atmosphere on set.

'Voices of Liberation' will be screening in 2022 on NETFLIX, the Dutch national television network (NPO) and the Belgium national television network (VRT) a.o.

You can read more about it here:


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